America's Army: Proving Grounds


  • We are pleased to announce that the winner of the UMM Competition is Overload! Congratulations Drecks on a job well done! Drecks was able to create a map that plays well and provides a strong visual style. The map fits AA: PG both visually and thematically, allowing us to easily incorporate it in to the game. We will spend the next couple of weeks play testing Overload, which will likely result in some modifications to the play space in an effort to support the best game play possible. Additionally, our art team is gearing up for a complete art pass on the level. We will keep the community up to date on our progress the entire way. For now, we want to share a couple of early concept pieces that our concept team just finished up! The first image looks at the area behind the Attack spawn point. The goal here is to provide context on how the Attacking team arrived in the area. The second image focuses on the Yankee objective and is exploring some atmospheric ideas the art team is considering.
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  • Creator of Industry, MCHammer, was kind enough to respond to our interview questions. Read what he has to say about the Mission Editor and his experience building his Top Three map. AAPG: Tell us a bit about yourself! MCHammer: I'm a guy! (you said only a bit)! AAPG: How long have you been playing America‚Äôs Army? MCHammer: I started playing AA a year ago back in November. Before that I played the Call Of Duty games 1,UO, 2 & 4 (anything after CoD4 is just console trash).
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  • Over the past week we've played, tested and critiqued last week's six finalists. While all of the remaining six were great examples of what can be accomplished with the Mission Editor, we had to eliminate three and whittle the field down to the Top Three. And here they are: Industry by MCHammer Night Infiltration by RedBaron64-ITA Overload by Drecks Congratulations to our Top Three Finalists!
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  • Intercept

    Texture colors, sky box, lighting and atmospheric effects for Intercept tweaked. Vines on the walls removed or reduced in several areas. Result is that players will hopefully be able to more easily and quickly pick out enemies and friendlies alike.

    Weapon Behavior & Accuracy Cone

    • Accuracy cone algorithm improved; shots are now more evenly distributed throughout the cone - previously shots tended towards the cone's outer edge
    • Accuracy cone penalties resulting from low health reduced
    • Crouching helps accuracy and recoil a bit more
    • Firing impacts accuracy less
    • CEM reflects accuracy correctly while sighting up
    • Shotgun spread center-point reacts to all the usual accuracy modifiers

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  • With just a few days until the results of the next cut is announced, we thought it would be good idea to get to know each of our Top Five finalists. We were able to spend a few minutes with Snom and RedBaron and ask them a few questions their AAPG map building experiences. We hope to do the same with the remaining three finalists shortly and will publish those interviews as we receive them. Check out the full interview on the Official Forum NOW! And check out this Video Interview with Drecks, the only map maker with two maps in the final six! You can catch [DEV]Rawster's interview with Drecks on our YouTube Channel.
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