America's Army: Proving Grounds


  • We have an update that we will be pushing out to the opt-in with the changes listed below.  If you haven’t checked out the opt-in yet, follow the instructions listed at the bottom to download it.


    • Weapon sound updates
    • Weapon smoke FX no longer move with the weapon
    • Bullet impact FX updates
    • Tweaks to grenade FX
    • Fixed missing shotgun shells ejecting
    • M4 and M249 recoil adjustments


    • Improved AAR screen
    • First iteration of progress on Weapon Challenges (only updated when you connect to server, not during a match)
    • Polish on Team Select menu, Settings menu, and Server Browser
    • UI Performance improvements
    • Fixed flickering text indicator for context (“Use”) key
    • Fixed issue where crosshair would appear for some weapons that it shouldn’t
    • Fixed incorrect message when disarming C4
    • Fixed map votes not timing out
    • Fixed multi-line vote reasons causing vote display to remain up
    • First pass at new bleedout bar
    • Fixed connection error dialog not showing up more than once
    • Fixed vote lists getting corrupted


    • Fixed some issues with client/server syncing on slide/dive
    • Improved netcode for sending large lists
    • Nearby dropped C4 now has a highlighting effect that is visible through other meshes
    • Game no longer crashes when bringing up Steam overlay during loading screen
    • Fixed cloverleaf camouflage
    • Fixed C4 countdown continuing past round end when planted at alternate bomb site
    • Fixed Takedown context action from overriding lower priority context actions when Takedown is blocked
    • Head/race selection is once again randomized
    • Fixed server crash when using demorec
    • Bleedout time changed to 45 seconds, regardless of where you were hit

    Singleplayer (Training/Explore/Shoothouse):

    • Securing the enemy in the training level now allows you to progress
    • Gold Digger achievement is now achievable
    • Completing C4 objectives in Explore mode will no longer lock view indefinitely or ragdoll pawns

    Mission Editor:

    • Added a movable Comm Volume for use with Mission Editor
    • Added sound packages for use on UMMs


    • Login failure popup is now brought to the foreground instead of being hidden behind everything
    • Misc polish: fixed rounded corners getting cut off, and transparent pixels on login screen
    • Fixes and updates to Server Configuration and Server Manager tool


    • Turned off compression on map files.
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  • We are getting closer to ending the Beta and need your help to get some final testing in before pushing it to the main game in Steam.  This opt-in will not be temporary this time, we are going to keep it available and update it on a bi-weekly schedule.  So if you want to move over from what has been on Steam to the test branch you can stay on it until release.   Read More

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  • What’s New

    • Fullscreen borderless windowed (fullscreen windowed) mode now supported, can be enabled in video settings
    • Art added for achievements so you will see them pop-up when you earn an achievement
    • Some weapon optics are locked until you earn them
    • Fixed an issue where a kill during the last second of a round would not count and time expired instead
    • VOIP labels now visible when on the loadout screen
    • Grenades equip animation tweaked to be quicker and responsive
    • M1911 rate of fire increased; reload 0.2 seconds slower
    • Downed characters and weapons now have a slight flash effect applied to them once they are interactive (i.e.
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  • Let’s keep the UMM momentum going!

    We’re swapping out some maps on the official UMM servers with new ones from your choices made on Steam and the AA Forums. We are listening and we want to continue the support for the user made map community! This month we’re adding to the mix:

    Pipeline by Maclobster
    [AA2]Insurgent Camp by Altan
    [AA2]Sandstorm by Altan

    Download the latest Official UMM Collection NOW! Read More

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  • We will be hosting another opt-in test over Memorial Day weekend.  We are going to leave it up for an extra day this time for anyone that is off work on Monday.  More info below on how to join in and let us know what you think on the forums at  We are looking for your feedback on two maps that are in the early stages of development, Outpost and Data Center.   Read More

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