America's Army: Proving Grounds


  • Today we are proud to announce the release of RFI-4 for America’s Army: Proving Grounds. Please note that with this release all players’ map statistics will be reset. No other player stats will be affected. The update is LIVE NOW on Steam, so be sure to check that your client is downloading this latest and greatest version. Click here for the full release notes detailing all the changes.

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  • The RFI-4 update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes a new map (BDX Intercept EX), weapon drop & pickup and adjustments to the way weapons work when aiming down the sights.  Bullets will do less damage at long range (depending on the weapon) as the bullet loses velocity.  The character models and a few weapon models have also been updated.

    Weapon Drop & Pickup


    • Players drop their weapon upon being secured or once they can no longer be revived.

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  • Message from the General: RFI-4 is now in final testing and will be issued to all AA PG Soldiers September 25th! Keep your eyes on our Facebook and our Forum over the next few weeks while we show you everything you can expect with this update!

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  • Got an update just for you SAW gunners out there: a brand new Elcan! Higher fidelity textures, *much* larger sight window, larger and clearer reticle, new glass effects, everything you’d expect from our Great Re-scoping efforts.

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  • Editor

    Have you ever wanted to leave YOUR mark on the America’s Army franchise? This is your chance! We are holding a map design competition using our mission editor or the advanced editor. The winning map will be brought in house and worked on by our art team to enhance the look and feel of the map, as well as the performance. 

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