America's Army: Proving Grounds


  • We will be hosting another opt-in test over Memorial Day weekend.  We are going to leave it up for an extra day this time for anyone that is off work on Monday.  More info below on how to join in and let us know what you think on the forums at  We are looking for your feedback on two maps that are in the early stages of development, Outpost and Data Center.   Read More

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  • We had a great turnout for the first opt-in test two weeks ago and would like to invite everyone back for a second test!  We received some good feedback on our new forums and would like to encourage everyone to check them out at, no new account needed, simply login with your game account.  You can see the details below about the changes made in the last two weeks and a lot of it is due to the feedback and suggestions on the forums. Read More

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  • We’re hosting a Retro and Dev-pick UMM event!

    In light of all the great maps, we’ve picked out a few based on their ratings on Steam, our Devs’ favorites and retro AA2 and AA3 ports or remakes.

    We realize getting and prepping the maps has been wonky in the past. We’re working on some fixes for those issues. In the mean time, to make it easy, here are step by step instructions on how to get playing. Read More

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  • How do I participate?

    1. Right-click on the “America’s Army: Proving Grounds Beta” game in your Steam Library
    2. Select “Properties”
    3. Select the “BETAS” tab
    4. Click the drop down where you select the beta you would like to opt into and select “23apr2015 – 1st public opt-in test weekend”

    WARNING – this will download the opt-in test and replace the current version of the game you have!   Read More

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  • What’s New?

    • Down players have a limited time to be revived (very little time if they were taken down with a headshot)
    • If you miss an enemy spot you can’t try again for 6 seconds
    • All new enemy weapons
    • New US weapon models
    • New US Pistol M1911
    • New Optics! (4x, 8x and shotgun holo)
    • New HUD
    • New in game UI replacing launcher functionality (still in-progress, so some options will be “coming soon” and the server browser will not have all functionality yet)
    • New gear sets on US Soldiers
    • New US Soldier camouflage patterns and colors
    • New audio engine (wwise) and weapon sounds updated
    • New Map from Steam Workshop (Drecks’  OVERLOAD)
    • New gametypes on existing maps (c4 / extract / flo )
    • Only one type of smoke grenade now
    • and much more!
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