America's Army: Proving Grounds

How the Conflict Began

A few years back a coalition of forces led by the U.S. intervened in the Ostregal Islands at the request of the RDO Government who was attacked by the nation of Czervenia. U.S. Forces engaged in police action and reconnaissance operations to protect RDO interests from Czervenian incursion and local Red Coin terrorist factions.

U.S. Forces Take the Ranch

U.S. Army forces moved on a secret Czervenian fortified hideout, designated "Ranch", discovered on the Ostregal mainland, stopping Czervenia from coordinating surface-to-air attacks against Coalition aircraft and allowing incoming humanitarian relief to reach thousands of displaced refugees.

An Ominous Discovery Made

A Long Range Reconnaissance team conducted a recon mission to determine Czervenian force strength at a possible staging area on the Ostregal island of Palisav and collected vital photographic evidence about a probable and dire threat, details of which are currently classified. Get the full briefing here.

Czervenian Forces Driven Out

With the arrival of U.S. and Coalition Forces, the Czervenian Army was driven off the Ostregal mainland. They made a hasty retreat over the CZ Transocean Highway, across the Silent Harbor Bridge and over the border on Palisav Island. The bridge became a strategic lightning rod for ongoing clashes with Czervenian troops and their allies, so called Red Coin terrorists.

U.S. Army Retakes the Pipeline

In fierce fighting on Palisav Island, U.S. Army forces retook a pipeline seized by the N.M.E. in Operation Short Delta. Many questions were raised about the tactical significance of the location to the Czervenian strategy but nothing was determined - it’s all speculation.

UAV Team Rescues
Resistance Fighter

Czervenian President-General Adzic ordered attacks on local civilian townships to defeat the local VOC resistance fighters allied with U.S. and Coalition forces. The U.S. Army conducted Operation Linus and Lucy to locate and extract a VOC rebel leader and his young daughter fleeing from the Czervenian army and recovered important intel about Adzic's secret plan, codenamed "Rostov". Get the full briefing here.

Border checkpoint attacked

U.S. and Coalition forces established Forward Operating Base (FOB) Talon at the RDO/Czervenian border on Palisav Island. The FOB Quick Reaction Force team, led by U.S. Army Captain Carl Reed, repelled attacks at the checkpoint and at local townships by the terrorist organization Red Coin and determined local scientists were being taken hostage by Red Coin. Get the full briefing here.

QRF Team Ambushed

Captain Reed and his QRF Team deployed to a discovered Red Coin training camp to capture a high value clan leader suspected of having ties with a possible mole within the RDO Government. Red Coin fighters being equipped with advanced weaponry confirmed suspicions that Red Coin was supported by the Czervenian Army. Get the full briefing here.

FOB Destroyed

After the operation to capture the Red Coin mole, U.S. Military Forward Operating Base Talon was attacked and destroyed on orders from General Adzic. Long Range Surveillance teams reported contact with highly trained, well equipped Czervenian Forces inconsistent with those seen in the RDO, as well as advanced unmanned weapons systems never before encountered. Get the full briefing here.

Czervenia Deploys
Remote Weapon Systems

Czervenian Military used new unmanned aircraft to air drop thousands of micro Surface-to-Air Missiles on Palisav Island and the Czervenian mainland preventing U.S. aircraft from enforcing the no-fly zone while unmanned submersible smart mines keep naval forces out of the Grakozhia sea. The U.S. government responded by authorizing military ground forces to push Czervenian troops completely out of the RDO, as well as the contested Palisav island.

2/56 Long Range Combined
Arms - Recon Authorized

In response to conditions in theater, the Department of the Army authorized the formation of 2/56 Long Range Combined Arms – Recon (LRCA-R) or "Lurkers", a hybrid LRS and Combined Arms combat recon element, for the purposes of performing deep infiltration and reconnaissance, sabotage, and sustained battle behind enemy lines. Immediately a prototype LRCA-R team was assembled, Mustang squad under Captain Reed, and they reported back to the Ostregals for training at a brand new facility. Get the full briefing here.

JTC Griffin Constructed

In a classified location, near the RDO capital, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local RDO contractors finished construction of Joint Training Center – Griffin (JTC-G) to simulate missions and environments for purposes of joint RDO/U.S. Military training exercises. Known as the Proving Grounds, JTC-Griffin is hailed by U.S. military officials as "…the most elaborate and advanced training area the Army's ever built", and "…a key effort in ongoing operations to prepare RDO troops and address an imminent Czervenian threat".

LRCA-R Teams Assembled

Selected Soldiers from combat-proven units across the Army have been deployed to JTC-G for training in preparation for Lurker small team classified operations. Captain Reed and his Mustangs have been assisting with training and were recently deployed on their first mission to a familiar Pipeline station. Get the full briefing here.

Proving Grounds

This is where you come in.
Welcome to 2/56 Long Range Combined Arms – Recon, "Lurkers"...

The Czervenian threat is unlike anything we've faced, and the only answer is to adapt. Long Range Combined Arms – Recon units are being purpose-built to address what Adzic is throwing at us, designed from the ground up to fight, win, and survive on the Czervenian battlefield. The necessary tools and techniques, along with Soldiers capable of leveraging them, don't come easy – this effort requires dedication, experimentation, and training. And you will train.

Joint Training Center – Griffin offers everything you'll need to hone teamwork and tactical skills. As LRCA-R capabilities expand, so too will the training offered at these Proving Grounds. Over time, you will graduate from focusing on small unit tactics in sustained close combat, to the full spectrum of skills and roles you'll need to support future operations. Without training on and mastering the fundamentals with your new teams, you will fail – and 2nd of the 56th does not fail. So how bout it Soldier, you on board?.